August 18, 2022

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5 Benefits of Consuming Chia Seed for Health, Anti-Cancer and Inflammation

Chia seeds come from a type of mint plant (Salvia hispanica L) which is also classified as a superfood. Chia seeds are often used as an addition to desserts such as puddings, smoothies, salads, and infused water. Chia seeds have a black or white color that is oval in shape with a size of only one to two millimeters.

Chia seed was first discovered in Central America which has long been used by the Mayans and Aztecs as medicine, religious rituals, to cosmetic raw materials.

It was later discovered that chia seeds do have good health benefits because they contain various types of important nutrients and antioxidants. What are these benefits?

Quoting from page Healthline.comhere are five of them.

1. Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease

Chia seeds contain 5 grams of alpha linoleic acid and 9.8 grams of soluble fiber per 28 grams of seeds. Based on a study from National Institutes of Healthstated that the content of alpha linoleic acid from omega 3 fatty acids and soluble fiber is considered to be able to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the blood which is a trigger for heart disease.

In addition, several clinical studies have found that chia seed supplements significantly reduce blood pressure in people with high blood pressure, which is also a risk factor for heart disease.

2. Maintain Bone Health

Chia seeds also contain the minerals calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus which have important benefits in maintaining bone health. In addition, the ALA content in chia seeds is also considered to help increase bone density.

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A preclinical study of National Institutes of Health, explained that in mice who received daily intake of chia seeds for about 13 months experienced a higher increase in bone mineral compared to the control group. The research also reinforces the fact that chia seeds can maintain bone health.

3. Helps Lose Weight

Chia seeds can also help lose weight if consumed in conjunction with implementing a low-calorie diet because they contain protein and fiber that can maintain satiety, and control appetite.

This statement is supported by a study conducted for 6 months involving 77 obese and type 2 diabetics who applied a low-calorie diet accompanied by consuming chia seeds every day.

The results showed greater weight loss in participants who underwent a low-calorie diet and consumed chia seeds than participants who only received a placebo.

4. Maintain Digestive Health

The high soluble fiber content in chia seeds is considered to be able to maintain digestive health from constipation or constipation by helping soften the stool so that the defecation process becomes smoother.

5. Prevents Cancer and Inflammation

Chia seeds have various types of antioxidants that are important for the body, such as chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, myricetin, quercetin, and kaempferol. The main role of these antioxidants is to prevent free radical attacks as the main trigger for cancer, and also play a role in overcoming inflammation or inflammation.

Those were the five benefits of consuming chia seeds for health. May be useful!