August 8, 2022

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5 Advantages of People Who Like to Write

Everyone’s hobbies and interests are different. One of my favorite hobbies is writing. People who like to write are not only good at stringing words, but have various advantages thanks to their hobbies, including:

1. Be sensitive to the surrounding environment

People who like to write certainly like to pay attention to the state of their surroundings, especially when they are looking for writing inspiration. Thanks to that, he became a more sensitive person. Because, he likes to pay attention to the smallest things to be used as writing material, as well as the slightest movement that can make him produce a series of words.

2. Rich in vocabulary

People who like to write will certainly be eager to find equivalent words that can be used to enrich their vocabulary as a way to make their writing look interesting and not boring. This makes him rich in vocabulary and more adept at choosing the right words when talking to certain people.

3. High imagination power

One type of written work is fiction, such as novels, short stories or poetry. Of course, written works such as novels require story development which often demands the writer’s imagination. Thanks to this, a writer’s imagination becomes honed and he is able to tell stories that are sometimes unattainable by others.

4. Broad-minded

People who like to write usually also like to read, especially when they need a reference for their writing. Not infrequently, someone writes a novel that requires knowledge in certain fields, such as medicine, law and so on. Of course, it is undeniable that people who like to write often have broad and intelligent insights.

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5. Have a healthy emotional channel

Everyone must feel various feelings and emotions, such as feelings of happiness, sadness, anger and so on. One of the advantages of a person who likes to write is that he has a healthy emotional distribution for all these emotions, so that even if what he feels is a negative emotion, he is able to channel it in a positive direction, namely producing work.

Those are the five advantages of people who like to write. Are you one of them?