September 24, 2022

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5 Advantages of E-Books Compared to Physical Books, Practical and Durable!

One form of technological progress in today’s era is the emergence of e-books or electronic books. We don’t need to buy physical books, just download through devices such as cellphones, laptops, or computers, we can read various kinds of books.

Of course this brings a lot of convenience for book lovers. Readers usually have to save first if they want to buy the book they want, but thanks to e-books, we can save on expenses.

The following are some of the advantages of e-books when compared to physical books.

1. Does not take up space

The first problem that arises if we buy books physically is having to provide a special place or shelf. If not handled properly, stacked books will only take up space and make the room look cluttered.

If we use or buy e-books, we don’t have to worry about storage space. E-books make it easy for us to read a lot of books without having to buy a new bookshelf.

2. No special care needed

Just like other items, books must also be treated and cared for properly so that they are not easily moldy and damaged. If we put the book in any place, the book will be susceptible to mold and damage just like that.

Unlike e-books, we don’t have to bother cleaning and caring for them. Everything is programmed in the system.

3. No need to wait

When buying a book online, of course we have to wait for the book to arrive at home. However, if we buy an e-book, we can immediately read it without having to wait. Especially now that there are many digital libraries with large collections of books.

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4. More economical

E-books also usually have a cheaper and more economical price when compared to physical books. This is because e-books do not require production costs such as ink, paper, and so on. If we want to read a certain book but the budget is limited, buying an e-book can be the right choice.

5. Practical and easy to carry

The next advantage of e-books is that we can take them anywhere, they can be read anywhere, even in low light places. When we are traveling far, carrying books will usually make us troublesome, especially if it is heavy. With e-books, everything is in our hands.

Those are the five advantages of e-books or electronic books when compared to physical books. However, of course there are some people who think that the presence of physical books still cannot be replaced by any great technology. All media have their own advantages and disadvantages.