August 14, 2022

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4 What It Really Means When You Accept Yourself

If you are already able to accept yourself, it means that these 4 things are also in you. So, if you already feel that you accept yourself, the following 4 signs should be in you, here are some of them.

1. Forgive yourself

It’s not just other people who do wrong to us or vice versa. But you must have done something wrong for yourself too. Well, if you can accept yourself, it means you are also able to forgive yourself.

Whether it’s because of mistakes that have been made or deficiencies that exist within. If you can’t forgive yourself, it means you can’t accept yourself completely.

2. Keep trying to develop yourself

Because you know that there is no perfection in every human being, you also don’t become discouraged by shortcomings. Keep developing yourself by doing useful things and also not sinking because of a failure.

The shortcomings that you have are not the reason why you are sad or feel inferior to other camps. So, you know your shortcomings but also keep trying to develop your qualities.

3. Don’t want to be someone else

The most striking sign of someone who has not been able to accept himself is wanting himself to be like everyone else. Feeling that other people are always higher than him and being like that is better.

Well, if you are able to accept yourself well, you no longer have the desire to be someone else. Because you are also aware that other people also have weaknesses and we also have advantages.

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4. Set realistic expectations

After we understand and know that we ourselves have shortcomings, there is no longer a term that our hope is an impossibility. We can measure our own abilities and potential. So, the expectations that we make are also in accordance with what we have and of course realistic.

Realistic expectations will make you not easily disappointed and make it not an impossibility because you too can and believe that you can make it happen.

The four signs above should be in you. Because basically we really have to accept ourselves and also not feel weak because of our shortcomings. If you haven’t accepted yourself well, admit that flaws are human.