August 8, 2022

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4 Ways to Overcome Reading Slump, Have You Tried It?

Reading slump is a condition where you can no longer read a book for a certain period of time either because you are bored, fed up or just simply have no interest. This most often happens when you read too many books at the same time. Then, how to overcome the reading slump? Here are four of them.

1. Change the Reading Mood

Changing the mood while reading can help overcome a reading slump. The reason is, reading slumps most often occur because the atmosphere when reading is quite monotonous and boring. If you usually read a book in your room, you can move to another place such as the living room or terrace. A different atmosphere will give you a new spirit. You can also turn on quiet music while reading a book to make the atmosphere warmer and more comfortable for reading.

2. Read Little By Little

One of the reasons why you experience a reading slump is usually because you are reading too many books at once, which makes your mind confused. Therefore, you can try to read little by little so that your mind is much calmer. In addition, you can also try to mark the most memorable parts in the book to make you more excited to read.

3. Change Reading Type

If you are hit by a reading slump, you will most likely find it difficult to understand an article. Therefore, you can choose books with light plots or genres that are not too heavy, such as the romance or slice of life genre. Try to avoid genres that require you to focus while reading, such as mystery, thriller or sci-fi genres. In addition, having the desire to read is also very helpful in reducing the reading slump. Therefore, in addition to changing the type of reading, you must also determine your goals before starting to read.

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4. Take a Break

The easiest thing to do when you are hit by a reading slump is take a short break. You can look for other pleasures first before returning to your reading activities. Watching drama, listening to music, cooking is one of the activities that can restore your mood.

If the reason you can’t read a book is because your mind is too dizzy and confused, you can choose to take a nap. Sleep can restore drained energy and rest a chaotic mind. If your mind calms down, you can start your reading activity again

Those are four ways to overcome reading slump. How? Have you tried the above method when you are hit by a reading slump?