September 26, 2022

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4 Ways to Overcome Dry Facial Skin that Can Trigger Dermatitis

Maybe for some people having dry facial skin can interfere with appearance.

But beyond that, dry skin conditions can also cause atopic dermatitis disorders and infections caused by dry, cracked skin.

Therefore, this dry skin condition needs to be treated so that it is healthy, smooth, and still radiant.

Dry skin is characterized by reddened, scaly, itchy conditions, and the causative factors can be hormones, age, sunlight, free radicals or cosmetic chemicals.

Compiled from hellodocHere are four ways to deal with dry facial skin.

1. Using Special Facial Cleansing Soap

You need to know that the most basic facial skin care is to clean it at least twice a day.

Then you should not use bath soap to wash your face because the pH level is not suitable for facial skin.

Therefore, make sure when you clean your face you must use a special facial cleansing soap.

2. Washing Your Face with Cold Water

So that the skin is not dry, you should avoid washing your face using warm water.

The reason is, this warm water can actually remove the natural moisture of facial skin and can make your dry skin worse.

You can use warm water when cleaning blackheads or acne-prone faces and don’t bathe in warm water for too long.

3. Use a moisturizer

After cleaning your face, you must use a special moisturizer for dry and dull skin.

With that said, you should try to find a moisturizer that is the lightest and doesn’t contain too many chemicals.

Therefore, before buying a product, you must first seek information in order to avoid adverse effects on the face.

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4. Drink Water

The need for water is good for hydrating facial skin, although many often ignore this.

Having smooth, healthy and radiant facial skin is what every woman wants.

Moreover, work that requires you to linger in the sun or free radicals which of course can make facial skin dry and peeling.

Here are four ways to deal with dry skin. May be useful.