December 1, 2022

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4 Ways to Make Students Not Sleepy While Studying in Class, Interested in Trying?

One of the obligations of students is to follow the learning process in class. Students should listen carefully to what is said by the lecturer in order to understand the material given. Concentration is needed so that you can digest and understand the material or material presented in class. But sometimes you find it difficult to concentrate due to various factors.

One of the things that makes it difficult to concentrate is when drowsiness strikes. You are busy trying to keep your eyes from falling asleep. This is certainly difficult and sometimes embarrassing when the lecturer finds out and gets a warning, right?

So, so you don’t get sleepy in class, try these 4 tips:

1. Reduce staying up late

If there is nothing important to do at night, go to bed on time. Also avoid playing your cellphone before going to bed with the excuse of filling time. Because most of what happens is that you will be interested in opening various information and all kinds of social media. Time goes by without you knowing it, late at night and you lose time to rest. As a result, the next day you become sleepy because of lack of sleep.

2. Eat nutritious food

Hunger can also make you sleepy. So make sure you fill your stomach before going to college. Choose healthy foods that are good for your body. Eat in reasonable portions so that your body is fresher and not sleepy because you are full.

3. Sufficient drinking needs

Do not forget to drink enough water so that your body’s fluid needs are met. Dehydrated body conditions are certainly not good and make the body easily tired and sleepy. So, don’t be lazy to drink water.

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4. Creative

One of the causes of sleepiness during lectures is because they are bored with the material or the way the lecturer teaches. But this is something you can’t change. You still have to follow the courses you have chosen and you have no right to choose your own lecturer right?

But you have control over how to react to these situations. You can try to keep yourself interested by increasing your curiosity about the course material. Try to see from the point of view that you like about the course material that you find boring. Usually the feeling of interest will make you forget your boredom or at least reduce it.

Those are four ways to make students not sleepy while studying in class. Every time you are sleepy, try to remind yourself that you have an obligation to fulfill your duties as a student, including attending class following the delivery of material by the lecturer.