August 8, 2022

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4 ways to make a narrow bathroom look spacious, interested in trying it?

The bathroom is one of the spaces where people can do private things without being disturbed by others. However, not everyone has a spacious bathroom that can give a feeling of spaciousness. However, that does not mean a small bathroom should feel cramped and stuffy. There are several ways to give a small bathroom a spacious impression.

1. Use light colors

Bathroom illustration ( Max Vakhtbovych)

Light colors can give a broad impression. You can apply light colors to walls, ceilings and floors. Likewise with supporting furniture such as sinks, tubs and others. Avoid too many motifs that can give the impression of being too crowded, full and seeming increasingly narrow.

2. Minimize knick-knacks

knick-knacks illustration ( Karolina Grabowska
knick-knacks illustration ( Karolina Grabowska)

The existence of knick-knacks can indeed provide cute, interesting details and make the room not boring. But if used too much for a narrow space it can cause the room to seem messy. To overcome this, use only objects that have a function as necessary. It’s better to reduce objects that only function as ornaments or decorations. Choose knick-knacks that have a function as well as a good design and are able to beautify the room.

3. Take advantage of the mirror

mirror illustration ( Barion McQueen
mirror illustration ( Barion McQueen)

Many already know that mirrors can give the illusion of a wider impression. Place a slightly larger mirror so that the room looks more spacious than it actually is. Don’t forget to be diligent in cleaning the mirror glass, it’s not blurry which actually makes the room seem gloomy

4. Enough light

bathroom illustration ( Nenad Savic
bathroom illustration ( Nenad Savic)

So that the bathroom does not feel dark, you need to ensure that there is sufficient light in the room. The light that enters will make the bathroom bright and can distract from its narrow size. Light can come from the window glass or also from the lamp.

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Those are 4 ways to make a narrow bathroom feel spacious. The most important thing is to maintain the condition of the bathroom by diligently doing regular cleaning. The walls and floors also need to be cleaned to be free of dirt and prevent mold from multiplying. In addition to routine cleaning, all residents of the house must participate in ensuring that the bathroom is always clean after use. Every occupant of the house should do their duty to clean the shared bathroom so that everyone feels comfortable using the bathroom.