August 14, 2022

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4 Ways to Have a Good Influence on the Surrounding Environment

Everyone is certainly trying to be a good influence for the surrounding environment. Although sometimes, good things are not always well received. Even sometimes, goodness has to go through various obstacles until it can finally be conveyed.

Many people want to start influencing the environment to move in a better direction. But still confused about how. Do you feel the same? If so, maybe we need to listen to some simple threads on how to be a good influence below. Hopefully it can be useful for all of us, yes!

1. Start first

The first way is to start first. That is, you must initiate kindness to others. Don’t expect to be treated well, get a good reply, don’t hesitate to do it.

Starting kindness to others can be done in a simple way. For example, starting to get used to being kind, giving good, exemplifying various ethics and good attitudes that can be role models for others.

But remember, don’t expect compliments. When you do, do it solely for the sake of fighting for good. Lucky if someone knocks their heart out and does the same, if not, at least you’ve tried to do good to others.

2. Have positive words

No less simple way is through words. Something that is easy to say, easy to listen to, though difficult to be well received.

When you have a good wording, you indirectly have a good influence on others. At least, many people will also be reluctant to say bad things to you and try to improve themselves so that they have a better order of language.

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3. Light hand

Light-handed means like to help. So, you have to be someone who has a high level of empathy. So that you will have yourself and your heart ready when you witness something that needs your help. You will not wait for others, you will do it bravely.

Likes to help will create a positive image to others that helping is a very noble thing. A person who feels happy because someone has helped him, will try to help others. That way the door of goodness will never be closed.

4. Reconcile

Most people when they see a fight or feud will only be a good spectator. Or it could even be that they are actually heating up the situation to make it look more exciting. To have a good influence on the environment, you must have a peace-loving, peace-loving soul.

When every time there is a problem you try to be the one who can mediate the situation, then the fight will not become a fire that overflows and burns everything. That way your environment will be better.

So, those are 4 ways to be a good influence for the environment. May you always be facilitated in spreading kindness to everyone. Keep the spirit Okay!