December 1, 2022

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4 Ways to Get Rid of Very Annoying Creative Blocks

Creative Block is a condition in which an artist, such as a writer, painter, illustrator, and so on, feels deadlocked in his work. This could be due to exhaustion, stress, fear of a wrong end result, or even too many ideas. This is a condition that relatively hinders art workers from producing a work because many artists ultimately choose to stop or even not start the project at all. If it’s like this, you should follow a few tips to get rid of creative block the following.

1. Take a break from the project you are working on

Art is closely related to emotions and feelings. So don’t push yourself when your mental and emotional state is unstable. Taking a break from the work that is being done can be a way to restore our emotions, mentality, and thoughts. Don’t force yourself to work when you’re not doing well, because, apart from affecting the results, unstable emotions will make your mind stuck. If this is the case, there will be stress.

2. Take a break before starting again

Rest is also a surefire way to get rid of creative block. Resting yourself and your mind by sleeping, drinking coffee, or taking a short walk will help you recover mood missing. When you feel better, there’s nothing wrong with starting to look for reference ideas to start your work again.

3. Don’t feel like you have to create a perfect work

Nothing is perfect. Stop pushing yourself to create the perfect masterpiece. Every work must have advantages and disadvantages, however, that is what makes a work unique, whether it’s painting, writing, illustration. Fix your mind, start cultivating if the work doesn’t have to be perfect, the important thing is that we always try to improve it and keep working.

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4. Outline the ideas that are starting to collect

Ideas often come suddenly without knowing the place and time. For novelists, maybe just sitting in the middle of a crowd of people will provide more or less inspiration about the situation to be written about. Meanwhile, for visual arts workers, perhaps surfing on Google, Pinterest, or Tumbrl can generate fresh ideas. Immediately jot down these ideas on a piece of paper, and make an outline. Don’t miss an idea that pops up, because you might forget it soon enough.

creative block indeed often appear at unexpected times and greatly disrupt the process of creating works of art. Then, don’t just keep blaming and forcing yourself. Get out, take a breath of fresh air, find new inspiration, let go of your anxiety, and start working again.