August 14, 2022

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4 Ways to Communicate That Need To Be Improved To Save Your Love

Not without reason why communication is vital in determining how a relationship works. Good communication usually goes hand in hand with a harmonious relationship.

Without good communication, relationships can be destroyed. Often disputes and quarrels often make the relationship break up. In order for a relationship to be saved, there are several ways of communicating that need to be improved. Here are four of them:

1. Assuming the partner already understands

This is often a problem in relationships. Most assume! Thinking that your partner should have understood, makes you not just be honest, and instead choose silent treatment or silence your partner when something is not right in your heart.

This way of communicating is not good, you know, and often leads to misunderstandings or fights. Try to get into the habit of being honest and open about how you feel. Don’t always conclude that your partner understands. Instead of silence, it’s better to discuss. That’s how adults should communicate.

2. Happy to harbor feelings

Sometimes big fights occur not because of one problem, but the accumulation of problems that have been suppressed so far. So that this does not happen again, try to get used to being honest with your partner. If there is an attitude that makes you hurt, just say it. Don’t just keep it under wraps, but suddenly explode and your relationship disbands.

3. Always say yes

Loving doesn’t mean you can’t disagree with your partner, you know. You still have the right, you know, to refuse or disagree. From here you will be trained to be wise in accepting differences.

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If you always say yes, besides you will be depressed, your partner can be arrogant. He always decides for himself. The source is because all this time, whatever he wants you have always followed even if it is against your heart.

4. Bad words

Great people are not those who say harsh words when angry. Great people are those who are able to control themselves and don’t let their actions be influenced by emotions.

Avoid harsh words to your partner even if you are angry. This attitude is very vulnerable to hurting the injured partner, it will continue to make an impression and make their love disappear.

Those are four ways of communicating that need to be improved so that the love relationship is saved. Hopefully the description above can be used as reflection material to improve the way you communicate so that your relationship with your partner is fine.