September 27, 2022

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4 Ways to Choose Your Character’s Clothing Style

Are you often confused about how to dress every time you go out? Confused about choosing clothes according to the event or activity to be carried out?

Clothing or what we usually know as clothing basically functions as a tool to protect the body and to cover parts of the body that must be covered. This is the same as what Yani Idrus said in his paper, How to Dress Well, (1990).

Along with the times, the function of clothing also increases. Previously, clothing was only used as a cover and body armor, clothing has also begun to be used as a tool to beautify oneself, and a medium for style. The emergence of this new function is like inviting all entrepreneurs engaged in the fashion to compete to create clothes with various styles, ranging from designs, colors, motifs, even to the texture of the fabric used.

Then, this diversity also indirectly becomes the forerunner to the growth of new problems in society. After the emergence of so many fashion styles, it seems that people are required to be able to adjust and choose their own way of dressing according to the conditions and activities to be carried out. And it turns out that one way to choose a style of dress or dress can be done by adjusting the character of the wearer. How to? Straight to!

1. Get to know your body shape

Illustration of a woman wearing a maroon dress (Envato Elements)

Humans with each other certainly have different body characteristics. So know your body shape first! Do you fall into the group that has a thin, medium or fat body shape?

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2. Adjust to age

Teen illustration (pexels)
Teen illustration (pexels)

Teenagers’ fashion style will certainly not be suitable if worn by the elderly, and vice versa. So, choose your clothing style according to your age. This is also to avoid the impression of being too old or too young for the viewer.

3. Adjust to skin color

Illustration of slang teenagers (Unsplash/@elevatebeer)
Illustration of slang teenagers (Unsplash/@elevatebeer)

In addition to having to adjust to age, it is also important to adjust to your skin color. Do you have dark, olive, tan, or pale white skin tones? You need to consider this when choosing the color of the clothes you will choose.

4. Know your personality

illustration of a man thinking about getting his partner's parental blessing (Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio).
male illustration. (Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio).

It is important for everyone to be able to recognize the personality that is in him. Personality here is divided into three types, feminine which is characterized by being gentle, shy, and having a subtle feeling. Masculine, which has an open, aggressive, and confident nature. Intermediate, which is a blend of feminine, as well as masculine.

Here are some ways that you can try to do to choose a dress style according to each character. But again, these tips will not have a big impact if you still feel insecure in dressing. So, in addition to being able to choose a fashion style according to your character, it’s also a good idea to prioritize comfort and confidence in dressing.