August 8, 2022

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4 Ways to Chat with Your Boyfriend So It’s Not Boring

If we have a partner, we definitely want to be able to communicate continuously. However, sometimes we are also constrained by distance and ultimately we inevitably have to communicate via online. Then at first glance you must have asked yourself.

How do we make our partner or girlfriend not get bored when chatting via chat? Meanwhile, when you contact him first, of course you should be able to open an exciting chat. So that later your partner does not get bored or bored easily when you have to communicate with you via online.

Well, so you don’t get confused, let’s follow 4 ways to chat with your girlfriend so it’s not boring.

1. Send a surprise message with a declaration of your affection

Chat Illustration (Maxim IIyahov/Unsplash)

If you usually chat with your girlfriend just telling stories and joking. Well, it’s better if you keep inserting messages that contain words of affection. Even though saying affectionate words has been done too often.

Because it’s been too long. However, there is nothing wrong with doing that. Because you often say your boyfriend’s affection will be happy and of course more affectionate.

2. Avoid talking about anything too serious

Korean Love Couple Illustration (BigbroutherBB/Pixabay)
Korean Love Couple Illustration (BigbroutherBB/Pixabay)

If you are chatting with your girlfriend as much as possible to avoid talking too serious. Because this will make our girlfriends tend to get bored quickly. It would be nice if you chat with your girlfriend via chat with topics that are fun and fun.

3. Using emojis when chatting

Emoji Illustration (Denis Cherkashin/Unsplash)
Emoji Illustration (Denis Cherkashin/Unsplash)

So that your chat with your girlfriend seems more alive. You can insert emoji on the sidelines of your chat with your boyfriend. By using emoji communication becomes more colorful. In addition, communication will seem more fun and relaxed.

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4. Exchange stories about likes through chat

Illustration of Woman Lying on Bed While Using Cellphone (Rodnae production/Pexels)
Illustration of Woman Lying on Bed While Using Cellphone (Rodnae production/Pexels)

Everyone will definitely be excited and excited when they talk about what they like. Talking about your favorites through chat chats that used to be ordinary will become more exciting. That way it will be easier for you and your boyfriend to talk about many things. Especially if you and your boyfriend have the same likes.

Well, now you know how to chat with your girlfriend so it’s not boring. You can apply these 5 ways to chat with your girlfriend.