August 8, 2022

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4 Vital Things You Must Prepare Before Rafting!

As we know, rafting aka ORAD (Olahraga Flow Rapids) is one of the most extreme sports activities number 2 in the world. But, activities rafting can also be enjoyed as tourism by utilizing a river that has a current that is quite friendly to humans.

Even so, the nature of rafting as a sport that is quite dangerous will not just disappear. So, you also have to still have preparations before doing the rafting. Here are four important things you should prepare before doing rafting!

1. Mastering the Basics of Rafting

Well, before plunging into the river, you really have to learn the basics of ORAD. Starting from rowing, boating, overcoming problem in the middle of the rafting, and so on. Rowing a boat even though it seems trivial, has a different impact on the way the boat runs. Either way, the boat could capsize.

In addition to rowing techniques, you also need to know the function of the equipment that you must use. Do not let you underestimate the equipment because it can be dangerous. Mainly never forget the helmet, life jacket, and shoes (at least use mountain sandals).

2. Accompanied by Professionals

Remember, ORAD is not a very trivial activity until you want to go your own way. At least you must be accompanied by 1 person who is really a pro in this field. Because no matter what, what you are dealing with is nature. And nature is not something that is easy to predict.

3. Field Survey

Conducting a terrain survey is mandatory before going down to the river. This is to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries that may be experienced during activities. Do not just go down to the river without knowing the terrain conditions of the river. Is the current safe enough, the depth is not too dangerous, or is there a chasm up ahead. Of course all these things need to be estimated. Including the location of the rocks in the river, is it safe enough and doesn’t make the boat overturn?

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4. Carrying Emergency Logistics

One of the logistics that must be carried is a boat repair tool. Mainly, of course, the boat pump. It could be, sharp rocks or wooden twigs that scratch the boat during rafting can cause leaks in the boat. Then if the rafting lasts long enough, bring bread or ready-to-eat food that is safe to eat on the boat.

Those are four important things that you must prepare before doing rafting. May be useful!