August 14, 2022

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4 Unique Concepts of ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin for New Jeans Girl Group Promotion

Presence rookie girl group New Jeans at the CHANEL ‘N1 de Chanel Garden’ event managed to attract the attention of many people. South Korean media At Star1 reported that New Jeans attended the store opening anniversary pop-up one of the global luxury brands on August 2 yesterday.

New Jeans, girl group The formation of HYBE and ADOR looks striking because the public is still unfamiliar with the 5 girls. New Jeans just made its official debut on August 1, 2022.

1.New Jeans Attends N1 de Chanel Garden as the First Event

New Jeans Girl Group Officially Debuts with Album ‘New Jeans’ (Twitter/@newjeans_ador)

Take a promotional route that is considered unique. Min Hee Jin as CEO of ADOR, instead of bringing New Jeans to music shows as the initial schedule for their album promotion. However, Min Hee Jin prefers to allow New Jeans to attend the open photo shoot of CHANEL ‘N1 de Chanel Garden’ as the first activity of their debut promotion.

This promotion is certainly quite unique, especially for a newcomer group. However, behind it all, Min Hee Jin is indeed known for her creativity. Prior to joining HYBE LABELS, Min Hee Jin had been leading trends at SM Entertainment as creative director for Girls’ Generation and f(x).

2.New Jeans Releases 8 Music Videos Before Official Debut

New Jeans Debuts with Mini Album 'New Jeans' (
New Jeans Debuts with Mini Album ‘New Jeans’ (

Another unique promotion that Min Hee Jin implemented for her first artist in ADOR was releasing several music videos before the album was released. New Jeans has released 3 MVs before they even officially debuted.

If in general, idols release 1 pre-release song from the total songs on the album. In contrast to New Jeans, which released 3 songs among the 4 songs on its album even before its debut, almost all of the songs on the album were released.

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As their debut album, New Jeans released a mini album with the same name, namely ‘New Jeans’. girl groups has released 8 music videos for 3 songs–’Attention’, ‘Hype Boy’, and ‘Hurt’. In addition, they also share various content through social media.

3.ADOR Doesn’t Limit Music Made by Its Artists

New Jeans Releases MV 'Attention' (YouTube/HYBE LABELS)
New Jeans Releases MV ‘Attention’ (YouTube/HYBE LABELS)

Min Hee Jin introduced New Jeans as a ‘Music’. “The ‘music’ they will show is the concept and color that this team is pursuing.” he explained.

Min Hee Jin also revealed, “New Jeans contain the aspiration to become an icon of the times and the determination to be the New Gen, just like the jeans you find every day and never get tired of wearing every time.

Not limiting the music created by the artists, Min Hee Jin liberates the style and standard of music according to their wishes. Even in the release of the album ‘New Jeans’, 2 members of New Jeans have been given the opportunity to write the lyrics for the songs ‘Attention’ and ‘Hype Boy’.

4.New Jeans Has Its Own Community App Named Phoning

New Jeans Releases Phoning Community Application (Phoning App)
New Jeans Releases Phoning Community Application (Phoning App)

In general, groups under HYBE LABELS will be included in the Weverse community application. Unlike New Jeans, which has its own community application called ‘Phoning’.

Through the Phoning application, fans can get the latest photo and video updates from New Jeans members. Fans can also find out the upcoming New Jeans schedules.

How are you, interested in becoming a fan girl group this one? Which member will be your bias?