August 8, 2022

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4 Types of Friends You Shouldn’t Make Close Friends, There’s The Critic!

A close friend is generally someone you feel comfortable interacting with. Sometimes the emotional closeness between you and a close friend even exceeds that of your own family.

Because of this closeness, you should not just choose a close friend. Otherwise, you can be very vulnerable to joining in with his bad behavior, or even his behavior makes your life miserable.

For that, let’s identify what type of friend you should not make a close friend. Let’s continue to follow the following discussion.

1. The critic

Look again carefully, do you have a circle of friends who have the character of a critic? It feels like whatever you do in his eyes is never right. It was as if he was a flawless human being, so he was free to criticize others.

Constructive criticism is necessary, and good. However, never stop being criticized, it might not be you who is wrong, but your friend’s personality that is the problem.

Feelings of envy are usually the cause of a friend’s hobby of criticizing. It could also be that the feeling of inferiority experienced makes him want to be better by bringing down his own friends through criticism.

2. The reporter

There is also the next type of friend who should not be made a close friend, namely the repotter. His presence is only there when you need him. It’s your turn to need help, he has no news.

It’s like that, if you ask for help it doesn’t matter. It’s often too late to waste your time dealing with the problem.

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3. The hobby of complaining

There is another type of friend that you should avoid to become a close friend, namely the hobby of complaining. Everything is always viewed negatively. Often hanging out with him can make you often think negative and pessimistic too, you know.

4. The trouble maker

If you have a friend whose life never takes a break from drama, it’s better to stay away. This type of friend if you make a close friend, your life will be difficult to calm down. There are always problems that come up, and it’s actually because of his behavior.

Hopefully the description above can be input for you to be wiser and careful in choosing close friends. Don’t make the wrong choice!