August 14, 2022

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4 Types Of Friends You Need To Leave, Always Want To Be Above You!

Of course your life will be more beautiful if you have friends. Because, there are people who always accompany your days and can accompany you when you are happy and difficult. However, if you have the type of friend who can harm you. So you need to leave it. Because, this type of friend will only make you tired physically and mentally.

Here are 4 types of friends that you need to leave.

1. Likes to Use You

When you are too kind to a friend, it could be that the good attitude you do is actually used by friends. Therefore, if friends like to apply this bad attitude. Then the thing you have to do is leave it. Because, this type of friend can only harm you.

2. Blocking Your Potential

He can’t support what you do. In fact, what you are doing is positive. This can be done by him, because he does not want you to have more potential. Therefore, rather than he hinders your potential. So, you have to leave this type of friend behind. So that your life can develop and your potential to be better.

3. Often Underestimate Your Opinion

When you have an opinion, he can’t respect your opinion. Not only that, he actually often underestimates your opinion and often thinks that your opinion is not good. You should leave this type of friend. Because, besides being able to make you feel guilty often, it can also make you lose the confidence to express your opinion again.

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4. Always Want To Be Above You

Having friends, of course, is what you expect to be able to spend time with the same position. However, if friends always want to be above you. Of course this will make you uncomfortable. Because, what he did was like considering you a subordinate. Not only that, he will also treat you arbitrarily, not like a friend.

Those are the four types of friends you need to leave. Therefore, you should be more careful in choosing friends. Because, friends will also affect your life.