August 8, 2022

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4 Traits That Show You’re a Perfectionist

Having a perfectionist personality is indeed quite good, because in doing something, you always have high ambitions. Not only that, people who have this type will also often feel stressed if what has been done does not happen as expected. Here are 4 traits that show you are a perfectionist.

1. Always Critical

You are always critical of yourself. This of course shows that you are a perfectionist. Because you always worry about people’s judgments. This is because you want to be the perfect person. Not only that, you also have a fairly high standard in living life.

2. Value Results More

In doing something you never value a process, because you value results more. What you do also shows that you are a perfectionist. Because you always demand good results. Not only that, this will also make you not enjoy a process that you have done.

3. It’s hard to trust others

You always have a hard time trusting other people in anything. Not only that, you also have a fairly high self-confidence, so that in doing anything you never ask for help from others. This action you take shows that you are a perfectionist. Because, you always want to get good results from something you have done, in your own way without having to involve the role of other people.

4. Fear of Failure

When you want to fight for something, you don’t have a high sense of optimism. Because, your mind is always clouded with a sense of failure. However, this is not necessarily the case. This is because in fighting for something, you always demand success. Not only that, it also shows that you are a perfectionist, because you always want to achieve perfection when it comes to fighting for something.

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Those are four characteristics that show that you are a perfectionist. Having a personality like this will indeed make you more perfect in doing things, but you will also often be too excessive.