September 26, 2022

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4 Toxic Behaviors Towards Yourself You Should Avoid

Toxic behavior is very detrimental. But not only other people can be toxic to us, we can also be toxic to ourselves. This is even more detrimental than other people’s toxic behavior.

Toxic behavior toward ourselves can be a sign that we don’t love ourselves. Because we do things that will harm ourselves. There are many bad effects that can be caused by toxic behavior towards yourself. Ranging from mental health disorders to difficulty to speak.

Therefore, we must be able to avoid all toxic actions to ourselves. The following are 4 examples of toxic behavior towards yourself.

1. Working Too Hard

We are obliged to work to meet the needs and to achieve success. However, we should not work too hard. We must still take time to rest. Because if we are forced to continue to work, our bodies will be exhausted and can even fall sick.

Keep in mind the work life balance so that our lives remain balanced. If we work too hard to get sick, then we cannot enjoy the fruits of our hard work. In fact, we can’t go back to work as usual.

2. Not Appreciating the Circumstances

Everyone has their own conditions or circumstances. There are advantages and there are disadvantages. Regardless of our circumstances, we must remain grateful. Because if we are not grateful, we can be stressed to the point where it is difficult to feel happiness.

3. Too Ambitious To Be Perfect

We can overcome or reduce our shortcomings in order to be better. However, don’t aim to be perfect. Because ambition can make us forget to rest and be grateful.

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We always focus on the shortcomings without being able to be grateful for the advantages that exist in us. As a result, we will find it difficult to be happy.

4. Obey All Other People’s Wishes

Not infrequently we will meet people who like to interfere in our affairs. People like this will usually tell us to do this and that. But if we obey all the wishes of others, especially if they go against our own, then we will find it difficult to enjoy life.

Those are 4 examples of toxic attitude towards yourself. Have you ever done that? Stop immediately, yes!