May 30, 2023

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4 Tips to Stop Overthinking in Love, Make Your Relationship Last!

Does when your partner refuses to meet because he already has other events you immediately think he might be having an affair? Is it when your partner hasn’t replied to the message, then you immediately worry that he is angry with you?

Well, those things just now are examples of attitude overthinking in a relationship, and that’s not good, you know. overthinking generally contain negative thoughts that are not necessarily true. This is what often encourages various unpleasant attitudes towards partners.

Then, how do you stop? overthinking in a love relationship? Here will be explained some tips to stop overthinking.

1. Choose a partner you can trust

Well, if by chance you are currently single, this first step is important so that later when you have a partner, you don’t have to overthinking only. Try to choose a partner whose integrity has been tested.

Why is this important? By knowing that he has integrity, you will automatically be able to trust him. This trust can fend off bad habits of prejudice.

2. Be an independent partner

There are many cases of someone being spoiled when they already have a partner. Yes, if the pampering is still in the normal stage, it doesn’t matter. But what often happens is so needy.

That’s the attitude you have to throw away when you’re in a relationship. Even though you already have a partner, avoid expecting that you will always be alone everywhere. Duh, human life in this world is not just a matter of romance, you know. You and he also have other responsibilities that must be fulfilled.

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So, stay independent even though you already have a partner. If your partner is not able to be invited together, just walk alone. After all, you’re an adult, right?

3. Fix it immediately if you have one insecurity

If by any chance you have a problem of insecurity or insecurity, better deal with it soon. It’s a good idea to communicate with your partner, so he or she knows and can better understand if you’re ‘acting out’ as a result insecurity experienced.

4. Dare speak up

People who overthinking usually happy to suppress feelings. Well, try it from now on speak up when there is a problem that is stuck in the heart.

For example, in case he hasn’t replied to the message, after a very long time, resend or call asking if he has read the message. Sometimes it doesn’t mean not to reply, it’s just that he forgets. Courageously frank finally became clear, right, the problem.

Hopefully with the description above can help you not again overthinking, yes. Romance that is not colored by bad prejudice will usually last, you know.