October 1, 2022


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4 Tips to Overcome Excessive Worry, One of them Confess

When we grow up, our minds will surely be filled with various worries that just pop up. Starting from worrying about an uncertain future, worrying about being left behind from other people or friends, worrying about not being able to find identity, passion and true love later.

These various worries are actually normal, it means that we start to care and be open to the various possibilities that exist in the future. The most important thing is how we deal with these worries. Are we just going to keep worrying without trying to deal with it?

It’s okay if we all feel worried. However, we need to remember that everyone has their own time to grow and overcome their worries.

Quoted from Permatasari I (2021), the following are some tips that you can apply to reduce and overcome excessive worrying.

1. Channeling feelings appropriately

Channeling the worries and stress experienced by doing various useful activities and activities can help reduce some of the negative impacts. We can find a hobby or learn a new skill.

2. Tell the right people

When you’re worried about the future or other worries, it’s a good idea to share those feelings with someone you trust. We can feel lighter after sharing our worries.

3. Don’t hesitate to get out of your comfort zone

Worry is one sign that we actually want to achieve something more than now, and do not want to fail in the future. So, to support this, we must be able and brave to get out of the comfort zone that has enveloped us all this time.

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4. Realize that everyone must also feel it

Don’t stress too much when you’re worried. Remember, everyone must have experienced and will experience the same phase as you. The only difference is how they respond to the worries they are facing.

Those are four tips that you can apply to reduce excessive worry and anxiety. Remember, worry can be a sign that you want a better life in the future, so it’s better to focus on achieving success than negative thinking to this worry.