May 30, 2023

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4 Tips to Increase Confidence in Relationships, Practice Positive Thinking!

Insecure people usually have difficulty getting along. First, you become insecure about starting a conversation first and making new friends, and this can be misunderstood. They say you are arrogant, even though you are not confident.

Second, people who have low self-confidence will be prone to falling into toxic relationships. The thirst for company makes your bad friends take advantage of you. So, so that you can be more confident in your relationships, here are four tips to increase your confidence. Let’s see!

1. Practice positive thinking

One of the causes of low self-esteem, is because you are used to negative thoughts. Whether it’s caused by yourself who often immediately concludes bad things, or it can also be caused by frequent negative comments from people around you.

Somewhat self-confidence is boosted again, try from now on to think positively often. It’s difficult, because it’s called a bad habit that has been practiced for years, of course it takes time to replace it with good habits, namely positive thinking.

2. Let go of bad friendships

The next thing to do if you want to be more confident, is to break away from bad friendships. For example, a friend who often criticizes, belittles, or often makes fun of you. Negative behavior is what unconsciously makes you feel inferior.

3. Close to supportive friendship

No need to worry about being ostracized from toxic friendships. Instead, it will have a good impact on your mental state. Trust me there are still many good and supportive friends out there.

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If you find them, approach them. Make them close friends. Supportive friends have high loyalty. Instead of destroying your self-esteem, they will try to make you confident again.

4. Study hard

One of the things that makes people feel inferior is that they feel they are less intelligent or skilled than the people around them. To overcome this, study diligently.

If others can become experts just by learning it once, but you can’t do that, don’t despair. Keep learning until you can. Over time, you will become an expert, and you won’t feel inferior anymore.

Those are four tips to increase self-confidence in relationships. Hope that helps, eh!