December 6, 2022

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4 Tips to Get Your Lover’s Eyes, You Must Know!

Most people prefer to hide their feelings rather than express them directly. Apart from being shy, people prefer to keep their feelings tight for fear that their love will be unrequited.

For people who are quiet, expressing feelings is not easy, plus feelings insecure towards other people who may be more perfect and also have feelings for someone we like.

For someone who is quiet, it is very difficult to get the attention of someone they like, especially if their idol is among the hits at school. Hmmm, that’s really hard.

So, here are some tips to get your crush’s attention.

1. Good attitude

Do you know if you have good attitude looks more graceful and dignified. Well, having good and polite behavior is often a powerful way to get a crush on you because you will be seen as special in his eyes.

2. Friendly

In a world of friendship that is increasingly forming “circle”a friendly attitude is one of the things that can help you get along and make friends easily.

Your friendly attitude can make other people feel comfortable around you. So, don’t hesitate to smile at other people, especially your crush.

3. Active

Being an active person in any case often looks conspicuous in everyone’s eyes, in stark contrast to someone who chooses to be passive and doesn’t care about doing an activity. Active does not mean tired, the two things are different.

Don’t get me wrong, the active attitude you show will have a great chance of getting your crush’s eye. Trust me.

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4. Smart

Someone who is smart is also powerful enough to be ogled by a crush. When you come to the front of the class to work on questions on the blackboard, especially if your name is memorized by the teachers, it’s guaranteed that your crush will glance at you.

Don’t think that being smart will make your crush feel inferior. Eits, even someone who is smart actually makes their crush motivated to be smart and can have the same intelligence as you.

Those are some tips to get a crush on you. Try to practice, yes, hope it helps.