December 6, 2022

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4 Tips to Fight the Temptation of Cheating during LDR, Remember the Reason You Love Him!

Couples who meet often, sometimes still cheating. Especially if they are far apart. The temptation to be unfaithful was much stronger.

Therefore, in the following article, we will discuss some tips against cheating temptations that are commonly experienced by LDR (Long Distance Relationship) couples. Like what? Let’s see the review!

1. Remember again the reason why you love him

When the body is separated by a long distance, it is very easy to be lulled by the charm of the closest people who are not actually your partner. But, remember why you chose your current partner. What qualities made you fall in love with him.

His loyalty when you are in a slump, his love that seems endless, or other reasons that make your heart believe that he is ‘the one’. Don’t let the charm you just know and have not tested for love make you forget your partner who has a clear level of love.

2. Be a person of integrity

One of the characteristics of people with integrity is being able to keep their commitments. For that, remember again when the whisper of the affair passed.

Are you sure, you want to be known as someone who can’t be trusted and your credibility is questioned? Once you betray, the sin will continue to tarnish your good name, you know.

3. Be more open

Even though you are separated by distance, it doesn’t mean that communication is completely cut off, right? Keep the communication between the two of you, and try to be open with each other.

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There’s nothing wrong when you’re doing your own thing, then tell them what you’re doing, who you’re with, and what you’re doing. This, although simple, can make you feel close.

4. Limit friendships with the opposite sex

His name is also far away from his partner, automatically the temptation of attraction to the opposite sex is multiplied. For that you must prevent it by limiting friendships with the opposite sex.

Remember, you know, love can arise as a result of frequent interactions. Therefore, close the infidelity gap by limiting interactions as necessary.

Hopefully the tips above can help you stay loyal and not be tempted by the desire to have an affair even though you are in an LDR relationship. Good luck!