October 1, 2022


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4 Tips for Treating Longing for Parents When You’re Away

A person who decides to wander far from his family, of course, will feel a deep longing, especially for his parents, due to not being able to meet for a long time. This is of course very uncomfortable.

However, for the sake of needing to live in the future, he decided to wander. I personally feel the same way when I am overseas, I really miss my parents who can no longer be seen every day.

However, we can treat a little longing with the following tips.

Here are 4 tips to treat longing for parents.

1. Video call

Longing for family can be treated with video calls. Today’s technology is very sophisticated. Every mobile phone has provided a WhatsApp application that can be used for video calls, besides that there is a zoom application that can also be used to meet and tell stories long distances.

That’s why, when you wander, release your longing with a video call and you will feel better.

2. Sending money to parents

For some, sending money or income to parents can cure a bit of homesickness. A child will be very happy when parents appreciate the gift of money from their child.

It is the happiness of parents that cures this longing. Therefore, be happy when we can give a little income to parents.

3. Via short message

Today, there are still people who send short messages to their parents to ask how they are and their health. Even though nowadays it is crowded, everyone uses video calls to release longing, but that does not mean that via short messages has been abolished.

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4. Leave to go home

It would be nice, when there is leave, the leave is taken to go home. This is done very often so that it can treat longing.

There is no problem with the ball, we decide that because there is a great opportunity, so take advantage of it to meet our family, neighbors and loved ones.

With these 4 (four) tips, hopefully they can treat our longing when wandering far away. Hopefully these tips are really very helpful for us and useful too. That’s it.