August 8, 2022

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4 Tips for Reading Non-Fiction Books, Don’t Just Agree with the Contents

Books with the nonfiction genre are sometimes considered less exciting than fiction books. In fact, if we can apply some of the right tips, we can still enjoy nonfiction books with fun.

Moreover, there are so many non-fiction books today that offer new things as well as diverse mindsets and points of view. One of the benefits of reading non-fiction books is that we become more open, have broad insights, and of course our knowledge increases.

Then, what are some tips for reading non-fiction books so you don’t get sleepy and bored? Here are some tips that you can apply while reading a non-fiction book to keep it fun and anti-boring.

1. Choose a book that suits your interests and needs

Don’t just choose a book to read, especially because other people follow suit. Find and choose a book that really interests you and you need. Not all books match our tastes and personalities. Don’t let the wrong choice and reading of books make us anti-nonfiction.

2. Avoid reading books because of FOMO

FOMO or Fearing of Missing Out is a fear of missing out. Do not let us apply this attitude when choosing a book to read. Read books because we really want to read them, not because we just want to follow other people and don’t want to be left behind.

3. Highlight and annotate

One of the things you can do when you’re reading a non-fiction book is to highlight and annotate the parts that you think are important and interesting. In addition to making it easier for you when you want to look for it again, this will also make you more excited to read because it looks colorful.

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4. Be critical and don’t accept it

Reading non-fiction books does not mean that we have to immediately accept the contents without thinking further. We also have to balance reading books with critical thinking so that the knowledge we get can be better understood and not misunderstood. Sometimes we are bound to meet some writers’ opinions that do not match or conflict with ours. This is only natural.

Those are four tips that you can apply when reading a non-fiction book to keep it fun and anti-boring. Again, avoid reading books just because you’re in the mood or just to look cool, OK! Choose a book that really interests you.