October 6, 2022


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4 Tips for Opening Book Rentals that You Can Try, Take Advantage of Your Collection!

For those of you who have a hobby of reading and often buy books, chances are that you currently have a large collection of books. Even if you really like your books but just leaving them on the shelf will be less useful. You better empower your book collection so that it doesn’t pile up on the bookshelf in vain.

One way to take advantage of your books is to open a book rental. If the books in your collection are classified as quality books, they will attract quite a lot of enthusiasts.

Even though there are now many digital books and online reading platforms are scattered here and there, there are still many fans of physical books. There is a different sensation that is obtained by reading physical books that cannot be obtained from reading online.

Book prices are no longer cheap. Many books are priced quite high and not everyone has the budget to buy books. This is your opportunity to take advantage of your collection of books. Just rent out your book and try the following:

1. Sort through the books

Group your collection of books into several categories, such as fiction or non-fiction books. You can also subdivide fiction books into groups according to genre or author’s name. Record the results of the distribution of the books to make it easier for you to know how many each category is.

2. Label it

Make a label for each book and stick it on the side of the book and then cover the book with a plastic cover so that the label remains attached and your book is not easily damaged. Choose a plastic cover that is a bit thick so it doesn’t tear easily. Keep in mind your books will change hands a lot, so make sure your books are well cared for.

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3. Create a system

You can start creating your own book rental system. No need to imagine a complicated system first. For starters, you can start by determining how long the rental period is for one book and what the rate is. Don’t forget to make rental rules such as fines and guarantee terms so that your book is guaranteed to be returned. For example, asking the book tenant to fill in the data according to the identity card, especially the name and address of the tenant. If you are ready, you can also create a membership card system. This will make it easier for you to list your customers as well as build a bond with them.

4. Promotion

You can start introducing your book rental business to your friends and acquaintances. Although maybe they have been able to borrow for free from you, but there is nothing wrong with telling them about your business and asking them to pass this information on to their social circle. Who knows how many will be interested. You can also promote it on your social media.

Those are four ways you can try if you want to open a book rental. You not only spread the benefits of the contents of the book but also earn income at the same time. Dare to try?