December 6, 2022

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4 Tips for Not Being Addicted to Romance, Avoid Being a Slave of Love!

Love is beautiful and can make you happy. However, you should avoid getting addicted or addicted, because it will lead to unhealthy relationships, you know.

In order not to get addicted, here are some tips so you don’t get addicted to romance. Anything? Let’s see together!

1. Become comfortable with solitude

The first way that you don’t depend on your partner in a romantic relationship is to be comfortable with being alone. That way, you don’t demand that you always be accompanied by a partner to feel happy.

With activities alone without a partner is not a problem. Independence in addition to avoiding you from addiction in love, can also generate respect, you know. Your partner is amazed by the independence you’ve shown, and it makes the relationship less restrictive.

2. Don’t be proud to be a slave of love

Yes, in a love relationship does require sacrifice. Even so, that doesn’t mean you have to always obey your partner’s wishes, even when it’s self-defeating. When they are called slaves of love, they are proud.

In fact, you are wary when someone pins the label ‘slave of love’ to you. Try to re-evaluate whether all this time your sacrifice has been excessive. Notice also how he sacrificed so far.

Remember, you know, a healthy relationship should be equal. Selfless, but both have self-awareness to make each other happy.

3. Realize, there is a meeting there is also a farewell

Not meaning to be mean. It’s just that, before you make a decision to have a romantic relationship, it’s good to first realize that if there is a meeting, there is also a risk of separation.

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That awareness will help you to tread the earth, so you don’t stay in the clouds all the time. So, you don’t have high expectations. Sometimes bad things happen, namely your relationship doesn’t match reality, then you don’t fall down.

4. Reach the dream

Having a partner doesn’t mean your dreams are ignored, you know. Instead, having a partner should encourage each other. So, don’t forget your dreams. Divide your time and energy between love affairs and personal matters. Let’s be balanced and not addicted!

Those are some tips to be able to love naturally and not get addicted in a romantic relationship. May be useful!