October 1, 2022


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4 Tips for Not Anxiety When Facing Exams

Everyone, when they are facing an exam, often feels anxious. Anxiety comes because of fear of failing in exams or getting results that are not optimal so that it disappoints many people.

Things like that happen very often and I’ve also felt the same way. However, we must know that this can be avoided or prevented so that when we face exams we don’t worry too much.

Here are 4 tips so you don’t worry about exams.

1. Start with a prayer

Praying can help us avoid anxiety when we want to face exams. Prayer can conquer all. Prayer will also give us extraordinary calm when facing exams so that we are more focused and can get the best results.

Therefore, never forget to start yourself by praying that everything you do is good and satisfying.

2. Ask for permission from parents

The blessing of parents is needed when taking the exam. Personally, when I took the exam last year, I definitely asked for the blessing of the parents because their blessing is the best prayer for their children.

The power of blessing from parents is so powerful and will really help us face the exam and we will get the best results as expected.

3. Study hard

When a person wants to study hard, then when he wants to take a test, he will not feel anxious. Facing the exam requires careful preparation. When we are mature, then nothing will be impossible. Of course, we will get positive results and can make the family happy.

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4. Take a breath and surrender

When you enter the exam room, take a breath first because it will make your heart and mind calm. It is also important for everyone to learn to surrender. What we have done so far must be submitted to God’s will.

What we hope and want to achieve, all of that is God’s will. Therefore, learn to surrender so as not to be overly disappointed.

With these 4 (four) tips, hopefully they will help us in managing our hearts and minds so we won’t be too anxious when taking exams. We should prepare ourselves and mentally when we will face the test.