August 14, 2022

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4 Tips for Giving Advice Without Being Patronizing, Not Offending!

In everyday life, we may want to give advice to others. Our intentions are good so that the person can become even better. It doesn’t mean we think other people are not good, but if we do the advice we give, it might be even better.

Often the advice given is also a form of our concern for others. Especially to those closest to us, we want to give the best advice for them.

However, often the good intentions we give Sarah can be misinterpreted by the recipient. Sometimes we are thought to be patronizing. This will make our suggestions unwelcome and well-executed.

Therefore, here are 4 tips to avoid being patronizing when giving advice.

1. Tell Personally

The basic etiquette in submitting suggestions or criticisms is to convey them personally or privately. Don’t say it in front of other people because it can offend the recipient of the suggestion.

By conveying such suggestions, our suggestions can be well received and far from being insulting or condescending in front of others.

2. Don’t Brag

When giving advice means that we convey something good that has not been done by that person. But in conveying it, we must not boast. For example, say we have done things that have not been done by others, or say indirectly that we are better than him. This will make our suggestion look insincere because it just wants to brag.

3. Convey Our Belief in His Ability

When making suggestions, convey that you believe the person is capable of carrying out the suggestions. This will increase the person’s self-confidence. In addition, the people we give advice will not feel humiliated.

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4. Don’t Force

We can give advice. However, the decisions or steps taken are entirely the right of the person. Because after all, he will feel and bear the consequences of all his actions. We must not press or force our suggestions to be carried out.

Thus 4 tips so as not to seem patronizing when giving advice. Good luck!