October 6, 2022


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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Reading, Don’t Lose!

Reading books does have many benefits. Among them are adding insight, developing a critical attitude, providing inspiration, to entertainment when you are late. But to get many benefits from a reading book, we can’t just take a book to read.

when we choose the wrong reading, instead of providing entertainment and inspiration, we get confused, bored and bored. In the end, it didn’t have a good effect. Well, here are four tips so that we can find the right book to read.

1. Understand the need

If you need entertainment after a full day of thinking, of course, the right reading is something light like fiction, or a humorous book. If you are a traveling lover, you can read adventure books, one example is Trinity’s The Naked Traveler, which contains the author’s diary during his trip to various countries. With a language style that is light, unique, and funny, it is perfect for entertaining when the mind is tired.

On the other hand, if you feel that life is too stagnant and there is no progress, of course the right book is a self-development book. What is clear, before choosing a book, we must first understand what we need today.

2. According to emotional condition

Just like music, people who are sad will usually also look for songs that can make them shed tears. If you are excited, usually the music you hear is also exciting. So read books too.

When you’re feeling down, you can look for biographies, or stories of great people who fought for them from point 0. Or stories of people who rose from adversity. When you are in love, you will definitely be happier if you read romance stories. If you are disappointed, you can read a book about self-acceptance, or you can read a philosophy book that teaches that we really can’t expect things that are out of our control.

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3. Age-appropriate

Today we may find many novels that are intended for adults but many teenagers read them. That’s certainly not good. What should not be known at that age, if known it could have a bad impact.

So the most important thing is that we first see what phase the market for the book is for. If we are children or teenagers, but read young adult stories, or even stories that are only for 21+, the effect is also not good. On the other hand, when we are adults, reading a teenage romance story will certainly feel different. Unless we really want to reminisce.

4. First impressions

The meaning of first impression here does not mean that we only see something from the cover, but we can read from the blurb of the book, or from the first part. If we are not interested, the possibility of the overall content is also less than satisfactory. This relates to the writer’s expertise in stringing words. If the initial reading is not enjoyable to read, maybe the writing style doesn’t suit us.

Those are 4 tips so that we can find the right reading. So, don’t just choose a book, of course we don’t want to make valuable time for reading that doesn’t have a good impact on us. So before choosing reading, don’t forget to practice these 4 tips first. So that the benefits of reading really we get.