March 21, 2023

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4 Tips for Choosing Minimalist House Paint that Makes the Atmosphere More Comfortable

2022 is almost over. There’s nothing wrong with getting ready to change the atmosphere of the house. Below are tips for choosing a minimalist themed house paint to produce an aesthetic home atmosphere to produce a more comfortable atmosphere.

Basically, the minimalist impression emphasizes the selection of neutral colors. But it doesn’t always have to be white. You can play with other colors that have the same impression. So, what should be considered in choosing paint for a minimalist home? Check out the following tips!

1. Choose a Color Palette

In choosing a minimalist paint color for the house, pay attention to the size of the room to be painted. If the room is narrow, choose bright colors because paint colors like this give the impression of being more spacious.

A room with a bright color palette also makes the room look neater, cleaner, and more spacious. Apart from paying attention mix and match paint and color saturation, do a test to see the quality of the paint to be used.

2. Adjust House Paint with Furniture Color

Matching paint colors to the furniture used is one of the most effective tips for creating a harmonious atmosphere in the house.

You can match the house paint with the color of the bed used, the color of the tablecloth, the color of the wardrobe, and other furniture. If you want to use color accents, you can use room accessories to make the atmosphere more festive.

3. Don’t Hesitate to Choose a Dark Paint Color

It turns out that in addition to white, you can also use dark colors to produce a minimalist theme, you know. As long as the paint combination remains, dark gray, navy, and other dark colors can be suitable for your minimalist style home. Add decorations or furniture to beautify your home.

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4. Just Use 2-3 Paint Colors Only

It’s not an absolute rule, but it won’t fail if you put it into practice. Using 2 colors for your minimalist home gives a simple and sweet impression.

Try to use the right colors and match. You can use contrasting colors for doors, windows and other parts of the house, then use a neutral color for most of the other walls.

So, have you found a minimalist home paint color reference that suits your taste? In 2022, emerald green, terracotta, blue and orange dominate. Mix it with other colors to make it more interesting.