December 6, 2022

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4 Tips for Choosing Fresh Fruits in Supermarkets, One of them is Smell the Aroma!

For you warriors of healthy living, have you bought fresh fruit today? Are you able to tell which fruit is fresh and which is not fresh? If you don’t know, then this time I will share tips on choosing fresh fruit.

Here are 4 tips for choosing fresh fruit, you should know!

1. Pay attention to the color

Make sure you choose fruit that has a bright and fresh color. This is important because a bright color can indicate that the fruit is still fresh and has a sweeter and fresher taste. But you also have to be vigilant and careful in distinguishing the color of the fruit, because there are not a few naughty fruit sellers who give additional coloring to the skin of the fruit to make it look fresher and more striking.

2. Pay attention to the skin

Pay attention to the skin of the fruit, whether the skin is still good or already wrinkled and dry. For example, if you want to buy apples, make sure the skin of the apple looks fresh and smooth, free from wrinkles and dryness on the skin. If it’s wrinkled and dry, it means the fruit you chose is wilted and you shouldn’t buy it!

3. Pay attention to the texture of the fruit

The texture of the fruit can be seen directly, but it can also be by touching or holding it. Good quality fruit will certainly not be too soft or too hard textured. For example, when you decide to buy sapodilla fruit, choose a sapodilla texture that is not too soft and not too hard. If it is too soft, it could be brown prone to rot or to rot. If it’s too hard, it could mean that the sapodilla that is being sold is not fully ripe, so it won’t taste good when you eat it. So you need to pay close attention to it so you don’t regret it after buying it!

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4. Smell the fruity scent

The next way you can do is to smell or smell the fruit. Fresh fruit certainly has a more fragrant and tempting aroma while wilted fruit smells less fragrant. For example, when you buy oranges, fresh oranges will definitely smell good, whereas wilted oranges will smell less pungent or even smell bad.

Those are 4 tips for choosing fresh fruit that can help you when buying fresh fruit. I hope this article is useful!