December 2, 2022

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4 Tips for Caring for an Iron to Last, Try it Immediately!

Iron is a tool that is often needed everyday. Yes, this tool is very useful for tidying up your wrinkled clothes. In fact, there are also ironing money. Yes, let the money be neat again and not wrinkled! Who has been?

Surely you have experienced this, when you are ironing your clothes suddenly stick to the iron. So, how come that’s possible? Yes, it’s because of the Teflon coating on your iron, it could be that this part is peeling off. So that the clothes are exposed directly to the very hot ballast iron.

However, over time the iron can become dirty and crusty. So, how to care for and use the iron to keep it durable? Let’s keep on reading!

You have to be careful when using the iron, never leave clothes stuck to the iron. You might have holes in your clothes! Have you ever, if Mimin have ever 🙂

So, without further ado, here are a number of tips for caring for your iron to keep it durable.

1. Ironing cord needs maintenance

Cables are the most important thing in ironing care. Because, the iron cable is easily twisted and the fiber wrapping the cable is easy to open.

Therefore, you must pay attention to this. Do not let the cable that is torn / eroded endanger your safety.

2. Treat the Teflon coating on the electric iron ballast

The iron in the iron is an important component. You have to be careful not to peel off the Teflon coating on the iron.

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Why, because clothing fibers can stick to the surface of the clothes.

3. Take care of the temperature control button on the electric iron

You also need to take care of the buttons on the iron. When this part does not work, try to disassemble the iron body.

Usually, there is thickened debris that hinders the performance of the component.

4. Pay attention to where to put the iron

After use, the iron should be stored in a safe and good place. How to do it, wait for the temperature of the iron to decrease then you can save it.

Well, how about it, have you done the above. Before any damage occurs, it’s a good idea to prevent it with these things.

Hopefully the iron is durable and hopefully useful.