September 28, 2022

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4 Things You Should Know About Your Spouse Before Marriage

Marriage and marriage is a sacred thing and if possible only happens once in a lifetime. Therefore, there are many things that must be prepared in living it. One of them is getting to know a potential partner.

However, do you know what is meant here? The following will explain 4 things you should know from your partner so that you don’t make the wrong choice and are not surprised by the true figure of your idol.

1. Knowing His Educational Background and Work

This may seem general and trivial. However, by knowing the educational background and work of a potential partner, you can find out their character in everyday life.

Is he a determined person or not? Hard worker or not? Do you like to procrastinate or not? Responsible or not? Have the soul of a leader or not, and so on.

2. Knowing Your Self

The next thing that is no less important is knowing the self-image of your potential life partner. By knowing the things he likes and dislikes, ranging from: reading, hobbies, shows, and favorite characters; you can find out how to match each other and understand each other’s preferences.

In addition, you can also give him a sweet surprise on a special day by giving him a favorite book or object related to his favorite. This may seem simple, but it can mean a lot to the recipient because he or she feels understood and cared for in the little things.

3. Knowing His Family Background

After getting to know your potential partner, you also have to get to know your other prospective new family, aka your partner’s family. Starting from age, education level, domicile, and character.

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This will help you get to know your partner better. Because, the character and nature of your partner is definitely not much different from the family and environment in which he grew up and grew up.

In addition, knowing the health history of your partner and family is equally important. Because there are several diseases that are genetically inherited in children. This is certainly necessary and important to discuss.

4. Knowing Everyday Picture and Marriage Readiness

The last point is to know the daily picture of the couple, starting from: how they worship, their eating/drinking/sleeping habits, how they socialize, and how they use their free time.

That way, it will make you prepare for new things that you have to adapt when living together after marriage.

In addition, knowing his readiness to marry, starting from: readiness of knowledge, psychic/mental, physical/health, financial, and the blessing of parents; also important. Because marriage is not a place to play and hurry, so it takes a mature preparation.

Those are 4 things you should know from your partner before deciding to get married. After reading the description above, are you ready to get married this year?