August 8, 2022

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4 things you need to stop doing when you turn 30

In your 20s maybe you still feel like having fun and don’t really care about the future. It’s different when you’re 30 years old. There you begin to realize that you are no longer young and you need to pay more attention to what kind of future you want so as not to cause regrets in the future.

For that, the following will review some of the things you need to stop doing when you start entering the head of three. What are some things to stop doing? Reported redbookmag, below will be explained further.

1. Only rely on one source of income

Are you still very dependent on salary as a source of income? If so, you need to stop this.

Why is that? Grateful for the salary you get is mandatory. However, so that your future can be guaranteed and secure, you need to think about how to create other sources of income.

Therefore, if all this time you are still wasteful, it must be addressed. Start saving and investing to get more than one source of income.

2. Depend on others

As social beings, humans cannot live alone. However, as long as you can be independent, then avoid depending on others. One of them is financial matters.

Try to get into the habit of saving an emergency fund in case something unexpected happens. Although family or friends can certainly help, but it will be much safer if you have your own funds available.

3. Surviving in an unhealthy relationship

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How long have you been in an unhealthy relationship that doesn’t show any change? At the age of three, it’s time for you to stop being stubborn.

Let go of a love relationship that clearly doesn’t bring you happiness. That way, you will give the opportunity to enter a new love relationship that is much better.

4. Lazy

Still young lazy maybe can be a little tolerable. His name is also in search of identity. However, if you are already 30 years old but you are still lazy, how long will it take?

If it doesn’t change from now on, then your future will be in jeopardy. For this reason, from now on, don’t be lazy and change to be diligent. Your future will be full of hope.

That’s what you need to stop doing at the age of 30. Hopefully it can help to prepare for the future without any regrets, yes!