August 14, 2022

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4 Things You Must Do After Accepting SBMPTN

The SBMPTN was announced on Thursday (23/6/2022). For those of you who are accepted, of course it becomes an immeasurable happiness. Usually for those who have been accepted, there will be directions to collect files or commonly called herregistration.

Your mind must have immediately imagined how campus life will be in the midst of preparing her registration files. It is certainly a reasonable thing. You will face a new world.

Having been accepted to study at a State University (PTN) does not mean you can relax. That doesn’t mean your struggle is over. In fact, being accepted at a PTN is the beginning of your struggle. What should I do when I have received the SBMPTN?

1. Find out about the major

You can find out about your major. Yes, although maybe you know what you will learn in outline, but it never hurts to find out the details. For example, any courses in your major, you can find out. Or you can find out, alumni from your major who are successful, maybe you can be motivated.

2. Networking

The next thing you have to do is build a network. That means you can build a relationship with Kating (sister). From kating, you can find out the ins and outs of lectures. It’s not impossible, you get very valuable input or advice. For what reason? Obviously, kating is more experienced than you.

3. Visiting the Faculty

Then the third is, you can visit the faculty, once it is declared that you have accepted the SBMPTN. What’s the goal? At least you know the campus atmosphere. You know the lecture rooms. You know strategic places to rest.

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Well, but for those of you who are still in the place of birth, you can also find out. For example, finding out where your faculty is via Google Maps.

4. Pray

This is the most important thing. Once accepted for the SBMPTN, you must thank God. Then pray that in the future his lectures will be launched. Remember, you will not be accepted by the SBMPTN, without His blessing.

So, those are the 4 things you must do after being accepted by the SBMPTN. College is one of the efforts to welcome a better future. So, don’t waste your chance to study, OK!