October 1, 2022


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4 Things You Meet When Introverted Guys Fall In Love

Introvert guys sometimes we often meet in the environment around us. These types of introverted guys often make people difficult to guess. Especially girls who have a crush on a guy with an introverted personality, they will definitely be confused about what the guy really wants and feels.

Therefore, here are 4 things that are encountered when introverted guys fall in love:

1. Often makes girls wait for confirmation

Trust me when you fall in love with an introverted guy. Then at that time, you will be made to wait for the certainty of your relationship.

This happens, because the introverted guy tends to take a long time to think and think things through carefully.

Therefore, girls must have extra patience when it comes to the introvert guy, because even though they have realized that they like you, they will still take a long time to think.

2. Silly even though you like it

Introverted guys are synonymous with indifferent attitude. Even if they like someone, they will remain indifferent even though they actually like that woman.

However, don’t worry, even though introverted guys are indifferent, they will still show you their attention. In fact, you will feel special, because they only care about you.

3. Keep thinking logically, even in an emergency

Trust me, introverted guys will always think logically, even in an emergency. They will stick to their logic.

Introverts will stay assertive. Even if they are in a sad state, introverted guys will still be strong.

4. Likes to be alone

For introverted guys, being alone is something that can’t be contested. They love solitude. Even if you become a boyfriend or have an introvert boyfriend crush.

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You will wonder, is the introvert guy you are dating or your crush actually liking you or not? Because they cover.

Those are four things you will encounter if you are dating an introverted guy. Very unique, isn’t it! However, that’s what makes introverted guys charismatic in their own way. And also always curious and of course when they like a woman, they must be bucin.