August 8, 2022

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4 Things You Feel When You Like to Run from Problems

Problems in life, should not be avoided. Because, there will be some bad things that you will feel. However, if you dare to solve the problem, then a lot of positive things will happen. Therefore, stay brave to face problems, even though they are heavy. Here are 4 things you feel when you like to run from problems.

1. Problem Not Solved

When you like to run from problems, then the thing you feel is the problem will not be solved. Not only that, the problem can also potentially become more complicated. Therefore, you must have the courage to face problems. That way, the problem will be resolved quickly and will not be protracted. This will also make your life more calm, because your mind is not shadowed by the problems that you have not solved.

2. Not sure of yourself

The next thing you feel is that you don’t believe in yourself. Therefore, so that you do not doubt yourself. You don’t like running away from problems. Because, when you can solve problems, you can get a lot of positive impacts. One of them, you will become a wiser person.

3. Often Feel Fear

Like to run from problems will only make your feelings often feel afraid. Because your mind is always filled with guilt. Therefore, no matter how heavy the problem you face, you must be brave to solve it. That way, your mind also becomes more comfortable and doesn’t feel burdened.

4. Mentally So Unhealthy

The more you like to run from problems, the more unhealthy your mental health will be. Because, your feelings and your heart have been disturbed, so you will find it difficult to be happy. Therefore, to avoid this. You must be able to solve problems well. Because this problem should not be avoided.

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Those are four things you feel when you like to run from problems. Never ever avoid problems, because it will only harm yourself.