August 14, 2022

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4 Things You Don’t Know When Adopting Cats For The First Time

When you decide to adopt a cat for the first time, it’s probably the most fundamental decision you’ve ever made. The reasons are various, one of which is because keeping a cat means that you have to prepare some needs at the beginning.

Keeping a cat is like adopting a baby. You have to prepare food, bed and other necessities before picking up the cat to be adopted. Don’t come at 8 pm, the baby cat meows won’t be quiet because you forgot to buy cat food. Quoted from the page The Spruce Pets, Here are four things we didn’t know much about when we decided to adopt a cat for the first time:

1. Provide a Safe Space

Since this cat will change hands, you should give him a safe space that can be called ‘home’ for him.

A cat’s house doesn’t have to be an empty room. You can divide the room a little in the corner, give him a bed and cover it with curtains.

For a few days, let him decide whether to socialize or hide in the first place. This needs to be done as an effort to adapt to the transition of different owners.

2. Know the Type of Food

Not all brands of cat food are suitable for other cats. So, you need to know from the start, what kind of brand would be suitable for your new cat. You can do this by looking for references or finding out about the ingredients in it.

Make sure you read the label on the cat’s back pack. Do this for weeks so that it becomes a consideration for their future diet.

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3. Consider Playing Outside

If you feel your cat needs adaptation to the outside world, needs fresh air or sunshine, you can give it a try by placing it on an outdoor deck. You can give him a necklace whose accessories can make a sound.

Or you can also give him a rope but not a restraint. That way, you won’t have to worry about wild animals seeing your cat in the yard.

4. Inner Bond

The most crucial thing after preparing all the needs is the inner bond that will exist between you and the meow.

Those who are often invited to play, joke, of course, will feel like they have a family. Therefore, it is important that you spend time playing with them. If this happens, then the inner bond will be established anyway.

Here are four things to consider when deciding to adopt a cat for the first time. Hopefully useful, yes.