October 1, 2022


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4 Things Still Need to Pay Attention to the Indonesian National Team

The Indonesian national team has successfully qualified for the 2023 Asian Cup, after the last time tasting the event was in 2007 or about fifteen years ago. This is certainly a sweet note for the national team and treats fans’ longing after so long not competing at the Asian level.

Since the Indonesian national team was coached by a South Korean coach, Shin Tae-yong, the national team has continued to improve. One of the things that is a tangible manifestation of this increase is the ranking on FIFA. When Shin Tae-yong started coaching, the Indonesian national team was ranked 175th in FIFA. Now the Indonesian national team has managed to rank 155.

Even so, there are still a few things that are still a concern for the Indonesian national team in order to compete optimally in the 2023 Asian Cup. It should be noted that among the other teams that have been confirmed to qualify, the Indonesian national team is the team with the lowest ranking. Meanwhile, the team that will participate in the Asian Cup with the highest ranking is the Iranian national team, which is ranked 21.

Then what should be the concern of the Indonesian national team to face the 2023 Asian Cup next year? Check out the following explanation!

1. Passing

Currently, passing is still a problem for the Indonesian national team. If viewed, the passing produced between players is still often miscommunication.

This results in the failure of the attack to the opponent’s area, it can even become a blunder, to the detriment of the team. Then increasing passing is non-negotiable!

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2. Physical

In addition to passing, physical is still a problem for the national team. Although since Shin Tae-Yong has trained the Indonesian national team, his physical condition has improved, in fact, when the national team meets a strong team, it still looks desperate. One of them when facing Jordan.

Shin Tae-Yong is a coach who likes excellent physique throughout 90 minutes of playing. South Korea’s success in defeating Germany when it was handled, could not be separated from the physical factor.

3. Match

Next is to compete against a team whose level is above the Indonesian national team. If the Indonesian national team continues to increase in FIFA rankings, but is obtained only by beating teams that are equal to or below it, there will be no point.

The Indonesian national team will not get a valuable lesson. It should be noted, Shin Tae Yong is a coach who likes to try out with a better team. And the Indonesian national team still really needs it.

4. Professionalism

Player awareness is important. Without self-awareness of the players, the directions given by the coach will be of no use. Player awareness can include a variety of things. However, according to Shin Tae Yong, what is still lacking in the Indonesian national team is professionalism as an athlete or player.

According to Shin Tae Yong, there are still many national team players whose training is just a formality. This of course must be immediately corrected by each player, because the event they are facing is not an arena for playing games.

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So, those are the 4 things that are still a concern for the Indonesian national team to face the 2023 Asian Cup. If these four aspects are taken seriously, it is not impossible that the Indonesian national team will go further in the 2023 Asian Cup! Worth the wait!