September 27, 2022

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4 Things People Who Have Martial Arts Should Remember

Martial arts is one of the most important skills to have. With self-defense, we can protect ourselves and those around us from dangerous or threatening situations.

However, martial arts is not just about being able to fight or being good at fighting. Here are some things that should be remembered by people who have martial arts.

1. Use martial arts only when necessary

Remember to use martial arts only when necessary. When faced with a dangerous situation, such as being threatened with a crime, it is better if we first find a way to escape and avoid the situation.

This is certainly safer to do than face someone directly who we don’t know what his fighting abilities are like.

Moreover, we don’t know whether the person is carrying a gun or not. When circumstances require and urge us to fight, then we try our best to take advantage of the martial arts we have.

2. Martial arts provide security, not a threat to others

When we have self-defense skills, it does not make us have the right to act like a hero in front of other people, especially when we threaten others with violence.

A branch of martial arts is certainly established for the purpose of goodness, so we must also continue to use it for goodness and in the way of goodness.

3. Solve problems in a kind way, not with violence

We may have the confidence to fight with someone when we have a disagreement with them. However, of course it would be wiser if we solve the problem by talking nicely.

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Even if we have martial arts knowledge, it doesn’t mean we have to solve all problems with violence or fist fights, because that often makes the problem worse.

4. Keep in mind the science of rice

The more contained, the more bent, that’s the science of rice. Just like acquiring other knowledge, the deeper we study martial arts and the more proficient we are, we should also be able to be wiser in using it.

Thus four things that must be remembered by people who have martial arts. Make sure the martial arts that we have not only make our bodies stronger, but also strengthen our minds and hearts.