December 6, 2022

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4 Things in Guys That Girls Find Attractive, Don’t You Realize?

Do you often approach but always end up being rejected? Well, there could be things that you need to fix so that your crush is attracted to you.

For that, the following will review some of the things in guys that are considered attractive by girls as reported by the page InspiringTips. Curious what that means? Read on until the end, OK!

1. Behave gentleman

Girls really like, you know, with guys gentleman. Able to be polite to those around him, including older people.

Behavioral examples gentleman, For example, bringing your crush’s umbrella when it rains, opening the entrance to an office or college room, carrying heavy luggage, and various other protective measures. It can impress a girl!

2. Be responsible

A girl who wants to be in a romantic relationship will definitely think about her future potential. That’s why, even though it’s just a dating status, the right girl will be very careful in choosing a boyfriend.

One of the criteria that girls look for from a guy, is to be responsible. The guy in charge usually husband material. Deserves to be a future husband.

Guys who are responsible are shown by coming to work on time, always carrying out tasks as well as possible and not being lazy, being able to manage finances well or not being wasteful, and various other positive attitudes.

3. Hard worker

Usually, girls are the most annoyed with lazy boys, you know. So, if you have graduated now but still feel at home for a long time without any work, it’s better to fix the condition first.

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Find a job or find another source of income, so you can meet your personal needs. New, deh, a girl can be sure that you are a person who deserves to be a partner.

If you are still unemployed, but you have the courage to ask for a date, he will also wonder who will use the money later on a date. Duh, not really if you still ask parents.

4. Have a goal

The next thing that can make you look attractive in the eyes of girls, is that life is lived with purpose. That is, you interpret the importance of this life.

Guys who have goals are usually more focused in their lives than those who don’t have any ambitions. A girl will have more respect for a guy who knows what he wants, not one who just flows.

Try practicing these things so that they are with you, so that your crush will like it. Gratitude-gratitude approach can end up invented.