September 28, 2022

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4 Things Happy Couples Don’t Do on Social Media

There are some people who still keep their personal life private, but there are also those who can’t stand it if it’s not exposed, including about intimacy. Starting from the usual things, for example being alone in a restaurant where a romantic dinner, to intimate actions that make you uncomfortable.

So, what exactly is a happy couple? In the following, we will discuss what things happy couples will not do on social media. Curious? Let’s look at the following review.

1. Not uploading screenshots of intimate conversations

There are things that are not a problem if consumed by the public, but there are also things that are kept secret in order to maintain intimacy. One of them is the daily conversation between you and your partner.

A truly happy couple will never be tacky to the point of showing off an upload of screenshots romantic conversation. Precisely such an attitude will eliminate the side of romance or intimacy that should be enjoyed alone.

Therefore, no matter how sweet the message written by your partner is, you should keep it that way private. Not everyone can be comfortable when the conversation is shared. So, respect your partner by not making it public consumption, okay?

2. No fuss if there are no uploads about anniversary We

Another characteristic of a happy couple is that they don’t make a fuss if they don’t upload anything on their respective social media accounts at all anniversary your relationship so that all followers know.

For a happy couple, the most important thing in your relationship is you and him, not a third party. As long as you both know you love each other, that’s enough.

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3. Do not immediately change the status on social media every time there is a conflict

There are times when conflict arises when a desire to break up arises. Couples who are mature and happy with the relationship they are in will not act childish by intermittently changing statuses.

It was an intimate turn, the status was ‘in relationship’, but in turn there was a problem, the status was immediately ‘single’. Duh, it can be complicated if every time there is a fight there is always a way out.

4. Don’t make love problems public consumption

Couples who are happy with their relationship will not make their conflicts public consumption. They are aware that spitting on it will only exacerbate the problem. Every time there is a conflict, it is better to solve it private.

From the description above, it can be concluded that couples who are truly happy in love generally keep their love story as long as possible.private possible. How about you?