December 1, 2022

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4 Things Guys Often Do When They Make You Less Attractive

To attract the hearts of girls, boys usually do things that he thinks will make girls fascinated. Unfortunately, this sometimes backfires. Not to make girls interested, in fact ilfeel.

So, so you don’t get the wrong idea, you should know what things guys often do when they actually make you less attractive. Like what? Let’s see the review below.

1. Show off the material

There’s nothing wrong with telling what happened passion-your. For example, the type of work you are currently in, and the various benefits you get.

Just don’t let it cross the line. What you are talking about is none other than the various materials you have, and it is often seen as an act of showing off.

Not all girls, you know, are impressed with such behavior. Girls who prefer boys as they are and prioritize simplicity actually see this show-off behavior as something that is not really. make him illfeel!

2. Don’t want to do anything ‘feminine’

Are you one of those guys who still think of sweeping, mopping, or other domestic tasks as ‘feminine’, and should be done by girls? If so, get ready to be left by your crush girl.

The idea that domestic work is only a girl’s job is very outdated, you know. Currently, it is a guy who is understanding and doesn’t mind doing various domestic tasks to help his partner or parents as an attractive thing.

3. Trying to prove that you are smarter than your crush

Maybe you mean you want to highlight your intelligence so that your crush can be attracted. Unfortunately, if you do that by interrupting the conversation while they’re talking, or ignoring and discouraging their opinions, you’ll actually make your crush angry, you know.

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This behavior can actually give a signal that you are arrogant, arrogant, or very competitive. These traits include things that no one likes, including girls.

4. Show off how many guys you’ve dated

Showing off the number of exes doesn’t even impress your crush. Instead, he immediately blocks your phone number or social media in an attempt to cut contact. Because the more ex you have, it means that you are difficult to be loyal or your personality has a problem so that the love relationship never lasts.

Those are some things that guys often do, even though they are actually not attractive in the eyes of girls. I hope you don’t do it again, okay?