September 27, 2022

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4 Things Beginner Guitar Players Should Understand, Smooth Guaranteed!

Playing guitar for beginners will definitely feel very difficult, but that doesn’t mean you can never be fluent in playing the guitar, right! You just need to practice regularly to get used to playing this stringed instrument.

However, while smoothing your fingers to play the guitar, you also need to apply some of the methods that will be discussed in this review, especially for those of you who don’t take music lessons so that you can play the guitar more smoothly. Check out the following method, come on!

1. Train fingers to hand muscles

Illustration playing guitar ( Krukov)

You need to train your fingers to get used to it and be more agile when playing guitar. Likewise with the hand muscles, you need to use enough force when pressing each guitar chord and gripping the guitar. If you don’t have the energy, then the chords will sound less than good and quite poppy.

If you have often applied this method, your brain memory will remember each guitar chord more easily.

2. Understand guitar more deeply

guitar illustration ( Grabowska)
Guitar illustration ( Grabowska)

The purpose of understanding the guitar more deeply is that you need to use a guitar according to your body size, because guitars have different sizes. In addition, you need to learn how to tune the guitar strings properly so that the chord sound produced from the guitar is not shrill and shrill.

In addition, you also need to find the right position while holding the guitar, such as sitting position, how close your body is to the guitar, to holding the guitar with your feet. If you apply this, it is guaranteed that you can enjoy playing the guitar comfortably.

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3. Learn basic guitar chords and memorize them

illustration of learning guitar ( Miroshnichenko)
Illustration of learning guitar ( Miroshnichenko)

For beginner guitar players, you need to learn all the basic guitar chords and try to play slowly and as often as possible. That way, later you will memorize all the basic chords needed to play a song on the guitar.

You can also apply basic chords by playing an easy song first, then you can repeat the chords until you memorize them. No need to play a lot of songs, you just focus on one song first until you can actually play it.

If you feel you have memorized it and there are no mistakes while playing the song, you can choose another song.

4. Look for references during guitar practice

illustration of learning guitar ( Danilyuk)
Illustration of learning guitar ( Danilyuk)

For beginner guitar players who are self-taught or self-taught, of course you need to find references in playing guitar. In addition to knowing the correct finger position, you will also learn to understand the song you want to learn faster.

You can find references through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also search for the song you want to learn on YouTube, usually there are many who make videos tutorials or many cover songs in video form.

You only need the guitar to practice playing the guitar as a beginner player, so that your fingers will get used to it and can increase the speed of placing your fingers when changing chords. The point is, don’t give up easily, OK!