December 6, 2022

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4 Sub-Genres That Are in the Romance Genre, From History to Mysteries

One of the most popular story genres is the romance genre. Actually, the romance genre is not only limited to the love story of two humans. There are so many sub-genres that fall into the romance genre itself. This sub-genre groups stories into more specific categories. What about?

The following are 4 more specific romance sub-genres.

1. Fantasy Romance

As the name implies, this sub-genre combines the romance side and the fantasy side into a slick and not boring story. In it, we will be presented with various fantastic, magical stories, as well as some supernatural elements.

The elements contained in this sub-genre greatly influence the story, setting, plot, and characterizations. Some books are set in the author’s own world, but some are set in the real world with some modifications.

2. Historical Romance

This one sub-genre combines the romance side and the historical side. As the name implies, the setting used in this sub-genre is a setting in the past or the past, whether it really happened or was just the author’s fiction.

The time limit that the author usually uses is to directly mention the year, such as 1950, or to directly refer to a certain period, such as during World War II. Strong research is the main key that composes stories with this historical romance sub-genre.

3. Roman Suspence

Suspence itself can be interpreted as tension. Almost similar to mystery stories, this sub-genre combines romance stories with the spice of mystery that must be solved. The storyline presented is quite similar to a detective story, but also highlights the love story of the characters.

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Authors who use this sub-genre must be good at playing storylines, plots, nuances, and emotions so that the two sides, namely romance and mystery, can go hand in hand and not dominate each other.

4. Contemporary Romance

This sub-genre is the opposite of the historical romance sub-genre. Contemporary romance takes place in the present era. You could say that the stories that have the theme of career women today belong to the contemporary romance genre.

The connection of this sub-genre to the time setting is in the issues and customs prevailing in today’s society. Stories usually have to be able to show the complexity of conflict and characterization, and must be able to create an impression relate for readers.

Those are the four sub-genres that are included in the romance genre. It turns out that there are a lot of sub-genres that fall under the romance genre itself. So, which sub-genre are you more interested in? Each sub-genre has its own charm and advantages.