August 14, 2022

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4 Signs You’ve Found True Love, Is Your Partner One of them?

There are still many who mistakenly think that true love or true love just appears. In fact, such incidents are rare and generally occur in dramas or fictional stories. Things that often happen in the real world, true love needs to be worked on. There must be a will from both parties to make a romantic relationship beautiful. That means, you have found the right partner. How do you determine whether you have found true love or not? Here are four characteristics that you should pay attention to.

1. Willingness to sacrifice

In order for the fabric of love to work, of course, a willingness to sacrifice is needed. Sacrifice time, money, calm, emotions, and other types of sacrifices.

If all this time what has happened has always been you who sacrificed, that means he is not or has not been your true love. If he is made aware and he wants to change, for example, those who were previously indifferent and too concerned with work, are now able to balance their love life. So, it means that your partner now has hope as your true love.

2. Keep surviving even though it’s not always a rainbow

The next feature if you have found true love, is that your relationship is not always smooth and only contains rainbows. It’s just, until now still able to survive. And it’s all because you guys are firmly committed to getting through it together and refusing to separate.

3. Agree to never lie

He is your true love if you agree to always prioritize honesty in relationships. Because usually a strong obstacle to a romantic relationship, is the habit of lying. If you have been lying a lot, how can you build mutual trust, which is very important in a love relationship?

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4. Various conflicts actually make you grow

You’ve been through a lot of conflict. Not to make you give up, but to make you more mature. You used to be angry, now you can be more patient. He who used to be stubborn and selfish, has now been trained to compromise. You guys are growing together!

From the description above, it can be seen, yes, finding true love is not easy. It takes a strong will from both parties to achieve it. If these things already exist in your current relationship, you could say you have found true love. Happy!