August 14, 2022

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4 Signs Your Husband Has An Emotional Affair, Make Sure It’s Not You!

There are those who think that it can only be called an act of cheating if it involves physical activity, whether it has reached sexual intercourse, or is still ‘just’ intimate. In fact, infidelity can also occur non-physically and only involves feelings, you know.

Even though it doesn’t involve physical, emotional infidelity can still make a partner suffer and hurt. Wondering if you’ve ever had an emotional affair with your wife at home? Get to know the following characteristics.

1. Stay close to a real friend you know is interested in you

After all, when you are married, you can still be friends. However, when making friends with the opposite sex there are boundaries that should not be violated when you already have a wife. One of them is emotional closeness.

If you already know he has a crush on you, then you should keep your distance. Not hostile, but also not very familiar. Your attitude that stays close to a female friend who has a crush on you can imply that you too have an interest.

And that includes emotional infidelity, you know. It’s easy to try to position yourself as a wife. When a male friend has a crush on you, and your wife keeps chiming in on her attempts to get close, doesn’t your heart heat up?

2. Talk to friends, things your own wife doesn’t know

When married, the wife should be the closest and most intimate party. That’s why, when you have a problem and even confide in a friend, be it a female or male friend, it’s the same as hurting his heart, and including a form of emotional infidelity.

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You trust your friends more than your wife. In fact, if there is anything the wife will take care of you. That’s not fair, you know.

3. Admiring other women to the point of comparing their own wives

Admiration of other women, for example, because the achievements are actually natural. It is wrong when admiration has crossed the line. You even compare your own wife with her. Anyone who is compared will be hurt, you know.

4. Spend more time with friends than with your partner

If you feel much more comfortable with your friends than your own wife, you should find out where the problem lies. After that try to finish with the wife. Not by constantly spending time with friends, while the wife herself is ignored. Such an act is the same as you have an emotional affair with him, you know.

How, from the signs above, have you had an emotional affair? Fix yourself, and don’t do it again, okay!