October 1, 2022


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4 Signs You Have Toxic Friendship, You Shouldn’t Keep It!

Toxic friendship or toxic friendship is a friendship relationship in which there are parties who are harmed or feel uncomfortable while living it. Then, what are the characteristics of toxic friendships? To find out, let’s see the discussion below!

1. There is an expectation that you are always ready for him

Is there a friend of yours who when he calls or sends a message and doesn’t pick up or respond immediately gets angry? Likewise, when he invites you to a place and you refuse because you have another appointment, he will silence you for days? These attitudes are the hallmarks of a toxic friendship, you know.

Toxic friends wish that you always available for him. In fact, everyone, right, has their own busyness. Plus, a friend who appreciates you will definitely try to understand and not push when you can’t be invited or when you’re slow to reply to messages.

2. Joking by dropping your self-esteem

Do you have a friend who likes to joke but makes you hurt? When you are reprimanded, you are said to be too sensitive or don’t have a sense of humor.

Well, this is also one of the characteristics of a toxic friendship, you know. A friend should not make his friend’s self-esteem the object of ridicule. Shouldn’t joking be funny and make people laugh? It doesn’t even hurt your heart, does it?

3. Often get silent treatment

Silent action (silent treatment) It doesn’t just happen in love. In friendship relationships can also happen, you know.

This behavior could be because he expects you to be as sensitive as a mind reader. So, without having to communicate, you should be able to understand.

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In fact, this way of communicating is not very good, because it is a form of manipulation. With his silent action there is hope that you will obey whatever he asks.

4. Always dominate

The next characteristic of a toxic friendship is that it always dominates. For example, in a conversation he always wants to be heard. In making decisions, it is always his opinion that he wants to follow. Befriending him leaves no room for compromise.

Having a friend like this should not need to be maintained, because it often makes you eat your heart or causes self-confidence to collapse. Look for friendships that are much more positive, yes!